Advanced System Care 7 Ultimate Review

When we talk about the best Windows System maintenance software, we consider that the software will be able to perform all tasks automatically. Tasks like junk file cleaning, Windows security updates, defragmenting the disks if needed, cleaning and compacting Windows registry etc. An automated maintenance software will take away all your pain and keep your system running smooth.

Advanced System Care 7 Ultimate is the best maintenance software for Windows due to the feature bundles it provides. In the section below we will see the aspects ASC 7 Ultimate takes care of.


Advanced System Care ultimate antivirus

This module is the unique feature in Ultimate version. The antivirus is powered by BitDefender engine, hence it brings the trust of the top ranked antivirus. The interface is clean and all you need to do is set it up. You can change scan behavior and include exceptions to scan locations.

Asc ultimate 7 virus scan

This is a simple antivirus, so do not expect advance features like firewall, email protection or port blocking. If you want advance antivirus with total security, you should go for BitDefender Sphere.

ASC provides basic surf protection buy checking URL authentication. This feature is installed as a browser extension. Check on the automatic repair option to remove the malicious threats else you can manually take action after the scan is over.

System Care

advanced system care 7 ultimate

This is the main module, it consists of all the maintenance aspects that you can use. Just select them and click on the scan button.  The scan starts and completes scanning and rectifying Windows problems sequentially.

asc 7 ultimate report

Always keep vulnerability fix on, so that you have the latest security updates for Windows installed. ASC will perform all these tasks for you. If you do not want a manual scan, you can opt for schedule scans and also idle time scan.

Manual ToolBox

asc7 ultimate toolbox

Want to perform more tasks? Well, then you can find more tools to customize Windows in this module. Empty folder scanner and Cloned files scanner are much needed features to prevent having same copies of files. All these tools are useful when you want to tweak a small thing in Windows.

Turbo Boost

ASC 7 ultimate turbo boost

This feature actually helps to speed up your Laptop/ desktop for gaming or other resource intensive works. It gives you options to turn off Windows features, hence reducing the resource consumption. Turn off all the features which you do not need during such an occasion. For instance, you can turn off printer services during a resource hogging task. This was just an example, there are many others. You can Speed up laptop/desktop performance manually but ASC makes it a breeze.

Once set, just turn on boost mode and see the difference in performance. Once you switch off turbo mode, all the closed services will be resumed as before.

Driver Updater

advanced system care driver update

This is a new addition to the Advanced System care 7. With this module, you can backup/ restore your system drivers. It can also find the latest drivers available for your system devices. Hence your system will perform to it’s best possible extent.

Start Menu on Windows 8

best start menu windows8 app

Start Menu 8 is a new module. It allows windows 8 users to have the much wanted start menu back. It not only allows you to bring back the Start Menu but also allows you to customize it with loads of options like button selection, font selection, user interface etc.

Android Management

advanced system care 7 android management

Managing your Android Device from PC has become easy with Advanced System Care 7. Just connect your Phone and this module will read all your contacts, images and music files. They are presented right on your system in a very organiaed manner. Additionally you can also install apk files through this module.


Sometimes back, I had made a comparison between Tuneup vs Advanced System Care and found that ASC scores far better than even TuneUp 2014. Now if we consider the Advanced System Care 7 Ultimate version, its a bonus. It goes beyond the capabilities of a normal system maintenance software to provide you with the best experience. The antivirus module makes it a total Windows maintenance and Security software.

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